Foundation Solutions

Trent Neumann Construction, Inc. is a PierTech licensed dealer and installer.  

What are helical piers?  

Find out here.

New Foundations

Not all soil environments can provide high weight stabilization for homes and businesses.  Helical piers provide tested and reliable ways of creating foundational reliability in many unique places. 

Structural Repair

Once a building foundation is starting to fail, traditional approaches recommend a replacement of the foundation which is quite costly and time-consuming.  

Using helical piers may provide an easier, quicker, and longer lasting solution over a tradition approach.


Travel walkways are notoriously lacking in deep foundational stability.   Elevated walkways as well provide unique challenges for traditional wood and block methods.    Helical piers tooling for sideways and elevated walkways provides a wide range of access which are environmentally friendly and long-lasting.
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