Solid Foundations

TNC is ready for your next house, office building, retaining wall, pavement or project. 
Since 2007, the Trent Neumann Construction team has provided customers in Montana, Idaho, and Eastern Washington with excavation services, foundation repair, pole bases, new foundation stability, anchors, and tie-backs.

Helical Piers

Our experienced crew provides helical pier foundation technology which allows higher structural stability with lower soil displacement.

Foundation Preparation

Helical Pier Montana has multiple proven techniques for soil and foundation prep, stabilization and repair.

Crane Services

With our extensive expertise in excavation and wall systems, our crane service specializes in heavy hoisting and rigging.


Trent Neumann Construction, Inc. is the NW premier PierTech licensed dealer and installer.
Trent Neumann Construction, Inc. uses state-of-the-art computer torque monitors to verify correct torque of each pier. Torque data for each driven pier can be available for engineering records.
Helical Pier Diagram
When we did restoration work on the fragile stone foundation at the Conrad Mansion, we knew exactly who to call to make sure that difficult excavation went smoothly. Trent’s talents with his machinery and the incredible integrity shown on everything he has done for us makes it easy to recommend Trent for any type of excavation, utility, or site-work, or helical pier project you might have.

Jennings Johnson

Meredith Construction
We find Trent's services to be outstanding...Trent is fair with his pricing and always tries to achieve what the client is looking for. Trent's experience gives him a well-rounded understanding of what a job requires. Trent has an eye for details, and is extremely personable. We enjoy working with his team.

Lucille Eisenhart

Eisenhart Builders
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