Expert commercial and residential services

Since 2007, Trent Neumann Construction has provided customers in Montana, Wyoming, Eastern Washington and Idaho with reliable and affordable excavation services. 

General Excavation

Whether it’s digging a perimeter for laying a foundation or a swimming pool, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team will meet your needs for the largest commercial project or the smallest residential one.

Residential Utility Services

Installing new utility access can be a daunting task on your own. Let us shoulder the burden and help you meet your hookup needs. We are available for piping, electrical, and fiber optic utility installation.

Sewer and Water Mains

Whether you are building a new home or need improvements made to your existing water and sewer connections, we are the solution. Our experienced team will have you going with the flow in no time.

Land Clearing

Tired of staring out at property covered in a thicket of wilderness? Our land clearing services provide support in removing trees, shrubs, and brush to increase the usage of your land.

Septic Systems

Having to replace a septic system is a major task. Make sure it is done right the first time with our septic system service. We will dig the trench to the proper depth and make sure all of your connections are properly sealed and functional.

Gravel Hauling

Ready to redo your access road or add traction to your unfinished driveway? We offer a gravel hauling service that will provide you with the materials you need to improve your driving or work surfaces.

Building Demolition

If it is time to rebuild your home or get rid of an unsightly building then we are the team for you. We offer building demolition to clear space for a new structure or simply to eliminate an eyesore.

Concrete and asphalt demolition

Sometimes a road or concrete pad just isn’t in the right place. Our concrete and asphalt demolition service will clear these problems right up for you.

Paving preparation and installation

Paving requires precise measurements and materials. Our paving preparation and installation makes sure you have these tools at your disposal for creating and sealing roadwork.

Rock retaining walls

Whether for decorative purpose or to help with wind and soil erosion, rock retaining walls are an elegant solution to many problems. We offer a service to create a rock retaining wall to meet your specific needs.

Road Building

Preparing and building roadways require leveling and precision. Our road building service will help you plan your path and get you set out on it by creating a comprehensive roadwork plan with expert execution.

Tree Thinning

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Our tree thinning service does not eliminate your tree line, but helps to thin out unnecessary foliage to help with sustainable growth and eliminate clutter.
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