What do Excavation Contractors Do?

Who are excavation contractors? The boys who were too attached to give up their dump trunks in their childhood exchanged them for a bigger and real life version of them. Common perception is that excavation contractors only haul dirt here and there but they do more than just that. There are two types of general excavation: residential and commercial.

There are a number of responsibilities which are carried out by excavation contractor and they include site preparation, grading and soil related tasks. Excavation contractors operate some really massive heavy equipment.

Site Preparation

Normally, in a typical residential construction the excavation contractor visits after the site has been surveyed in detail by the surveying crew determining the house and the lot boundaries. First of all the soil is removed according to the required depth for the new foundation that is to be built. Then the soil is checked for firmness with the help of compaction tests and if necessary, using equipment with for compaction.

Digging requirements have to be accurate so that the excavation contractor is able to use a laser level to match the grade which is posted by the crew. After the footers and stem wall are poured by the foundation contractor, backfilling is done around the new foundation by the excavation contractor.


Similar to business owners, excavation contractors are considered subcontractors due to their job often being one part of a bigger project. For example, an excavation contractor may be approached for digging a pool but he shall not be overseeing the entire project. They often have to work under the supervision of general contractors who solicit bids and coordinate subcontract timelines paying the excavation contractor when his part of the project is done.

Moving Dirt

If any of the work involves moving dirt, the excavation contractor is the guy for the job. Depending on the equipment that is owned or leased by the contractor, he can build and grade roads, dig ponds along with sewers, excavate ditches for gas and water lines and operate trenchers so that flexible pipes can be installed beneath the ground without creating ditches. They also build earthen dams on agricultural land as well as for terraced drainage system.

Heavy Equipment Operators

Excavation equipment is expensive to buy and the insurance is costly as well. On average small to mid-sized excavation contractors frequently own or lease few huge front-end loaders, backhoes, bulldozers, trenchers, compactors and skid steers.

Relocating large boulders

General excavation: residential and commercial are both the job of excavation contractors. They need to submit competitive estimates and bids so that the on-going rate can be known for the excavation work in the community.

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